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First-Time Parents Masterclass

Learn How To Adjust To Parenthood
Become Confident In Newborn Care

Your new job as a first time parent is different from any other job you’ve had before.

You need new knowledge, new skills and new coping mechanism.

First-Time Parents Have Many Questions...


My name is Alexandra Latten Argosino. I am a Newborn Care Specialist and I have worked with hundreds of first-time parents for the last three decades.

Working with newborns is my absolute passion; and each newborn that I have held in my arms has a special place in my heart. My well-rounded experience, skill and knowledge in all aspects of and about Newborn Care, brings the potential to support and assist first-time parents during those first few overwhelming weeks and months after birth.

From frequent emails to midnight text messages, I have heard every possible question from anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted new parents.

“What items do I need for the nursery? When should I breastfeed? What to do with breast-milk when my baby doesn’t finish the bottle? What is the best formula? How can I calm my crying baby? What’s the best schedule for my little one? Should I worry about spoiling my baby? When will my baby sleep through the night? My baby has a diaper-rash, what should I do? My baby spits up, is there anything wrong?”

Like most parents, you will struggle with worries, and have many many questions, during your pregnancy, and certainly during that roller-coaster first year with your baby. You are constantly learning and adjusting to the needs of your baby, but you are also growing as a first-time parent, and as a person.

That’s exactly the reason for creating and hosting this
“First-Time Parents Masterclass: Learn How To Adjust To Parenthood & Become Confident In Newborn Care.”

I am bringing in 21 amazing global Experts who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with you, just for this Online Summit.

Find out how to make this transition easier and how to minimize your anxiety, worries, and exhaustion.

Please provide your name and email address to become a part of this spectacular Online Summit for 21 days. For each day, during this 21 day period, you will receive a 30-minute audio interview with an expert about Parenthood and Newborn Care. You will undoubtedly learn so much during these 21 days.

I am looking forward to your participation.

Alexandra Latten Argosino

Join Me And 21 Global Experts
For A Very Special First-Time Parents Masterclass